Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Stay Warm without Spending a Fortune

Heating costs are out of control on a global scale. Dwindling natural resources, the price of heating oil, and the current political climate combine to make utility and energy costs higher and higher. Individuals and families are seeking alternative ways to stay warm that can fit into an average budget. This explains the popularity of pellet stoves and the increase in demand for wood and gas fireplaces.

Free Standing Models

Homes without direct access to the chimney are served well by pellet stoves and free standing fireplaces. These can be vented to the outside quickly and easily. A free standing fireplace can be wood or gas powered and provide flexibility of placement. Different sizes and colors allow these efficient and powerful heaters to fit into smaller rooms and match any existing decor.

Traditional Fireplaces and Inserts

Many homeowners elect to have a gas fireplace inserted into a wood burning one. It is easier to operate, heats the space faster, and requires no hauling of wood, no cleaning of embers, and no smoke backing up into the house. Once installed, gas fireplaces are activated with the touch of a button. Optional remote controls makes them even easier to operate.

Those with regular fireplaces can have them updated with efficient built-in units. Modern styles, an impressive facade, and added efficiency attract homeowners to this option. Be sure to have the chimney cleaned and inspected before utilizing any fireplaces that have not been used for any length of time.

Find High Quality at Affordable Pricing.

Cutting energy costs will not provide any cost savings if the homeowner has to go into debt to purchase a unit. Buying a cheap unit will not provide any savings either because repair and replacement costs will be high. Top of the line units can be expensive, but are more cost-effective in the long-term. Affordable pricing is available from manufacturers who sell factory direct to the general public.

Deep discounts are offered because the manufacturer saves money on logistics. Instead of delivering finished products to hundreds of retailers, they can deliver them to their factory outlet stores which may number in the single digits. More money can be concentrated on new designs and advanced manufacturing technology.

Customers are able to afford the highest quality fireplaces at pricing they can afford. Selection assistance, optional installation services, and custom design services are available as well. Visit a store or go to the company website to learn about all the full lines of fireplaces offered for inside and outdoor use.


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